AL-ProTech Electric Installations, LED Lighting

Electrical installation services and measurements are carried out by qualified installers with valid electrical qualifications, in accordance with the applicable standards and regulations of the construction law

Electrical Installations:

- assembly of electrical installations
- repair of electrical installations
- receiving and periodic measurements
- electrical installation reviews
- assembly of switchgears
- earthing
- connecting household appliances (heating plates, ovens, preheaters)

Lighting installations:

- monitoring of lighting installations (LED, unloading, traditional)
- repair of lighting installations
- modernization of lighting installations from traditional to LED
- photometric lighting projects
- investment discounts (calculation of operating costs, modernization, energy savings, payback time)
- lighting intensity measurements, receiving measurements
- emergency and evacuation lighting (assembly, repair, modernization and inspections)

Thermal imaging services in Energetics:

- thermal inspection of switchgears
- thermal imaging of wires, drives
- thermovision inspections remain electrical receivers

Price list of services:

The given prices do not constitute a commercial offer, they can be treated only as an overview for the initial cost estimation. The correct cost estimate is made individually and depends on the number of electrical points, composition and level of difficulty (eg high altitude, unavailability of devices, etc.)

Price list
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