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The AL-ProTech company operates in the service and trade sector. We carry out electrical installation services in the field of electrical installations, lighting and building automation. We offer electrical installation equipment, lighting fittings, automation components and all necessary range to provide comprehensive investment service.

Taking care of maintaining the highest quality of our services we constantly improve our offer enriching it with the latest technological solutions.

In order to ensure the safety of our clients, we constantly improve our qualifications and knowledge in the field of modern solutions and standardization changes. We regularly participate in all kinds of training and industry meetings.

We focus on development and innovative technologies. We have specialized tools and equipment that allows us to quickly and safely perform the work entrusted to us.

Our offer is addressed to companies and individual customers. We approach each valuation with commitment, and our clients can count on professional advice and technical assistance from qualified installers.

We carry out all electrical installation work in accordance with applicable construction law and Polish standards. We provide a guarantee for all services we provide.

AL-ProTech Instalacje Elektryczne
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