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Modern management systems of the aide allow you to control and control literally all devices and media in our home. These modern solutions will prove themselves not only in homes but also in offices, hotels, restaurants, shops and everywhere where it can have a significant impact on improving the comfort of our lives or work.

Controlling the building with a smartphone, a tablet, until recently considered as a gadget, becomes an integral part of the newly built houses providing their residents with convenience and security.
automation of buildings - intelligent houses
convenience and functionality


The control possibilities are practically unlimited, starting with the lighting which is the most popular to opening and closing windows, roller blinds and gates. Our house, by programming the appropriate functions, can become a smart home and will perform various activities for us. It can turn on the lighting when we enter the room, close all the windows and blinds when we go shopping.

The ability to control multimedia and home appliances is unlimited convenience and saves time. Thanks to the heating control function, our house will adjust the temperature in the rooms when we leave the building or prepare it for our return.

All this is available from the level of one application in which we can integrate many devices from different manufacturers.


The safety of residents is the most important priority. Thanks to a wide range of sensors that constantly monitor the space of the house, we can be calm about our safety even while sleeping.

We can equip the system with the following sensors:
• door / window opening sensor - protects against uncontrolled opening
• motion sensor - detects unwanted guests
• temperature sensor - supervises the operation of the furnace, boiler, etc., informs about the risk of fire
• flood sensor - detects all leaks and faults, cuts off the water supply
• smoke / carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide) sensor - detects the smallest amount of smoke, even cigarette smoke
• gas sensor - will ensure safety for houses equipped with gas installations

All sensors can inform us in an individual way, regardless of where we are currently or run automatic alarm sequences,light and sound.
Integration with the monitoring system will allow you to monitor the situation at home on an ongoing basis, we can also receive a photo from the camera when eg a person detects movement in a selected place.
safety at the highest level
house management


Management takes place through a user-friendly interface. We can create an individual account for each household member and give it the right to select a group of devices.

From anywhere on earth, we can connect to our home, control what is currently happening and control the devices.

Even when we are not there, and someone visits our home through an intelligent intercom system, we can give him information when he can find us, or if our relatives can remotely open the door for them.
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